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We believe all of us living on the Planet Earth are linked in this journey and are responsible for each other. And, in a time when the focus is often on what divides us, whether it be ideology or boundaries, we want to model the concept of reaching across and uniting ourselves with our global family: building bridges through bonding. As a small organization, we focus on building relationships and providing support so that individuals with disabilities can release their power and prowess - their promise.

We also believe deeply in the goal that is often stated by individuals with disabiities - "Nothing for us without us." Their voice, their self-determination is critical and crucial.

One of AccessPromise's goals is to link people and facilitate communication to build relationships and support. People's lives and stories teach us and move us. We absorb their experiences and find kinship in their desires and struggles.

Peter & Sharon

joe Joe standing

Joe may have vision issues. We wonder if it isn't more. He is very small and underdeveloped and his body tone is minimal. Joe's eyelids are extremely droopy. In order to see clearly, he holds them open. He hasn't attended school.