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Undeveloped potential, unfulfilled promise, exists in many individuals with disabilities worldwide due to lack of information and resources and attitudes of others. It is especially hard to fulfill that potential in developing, struggling, areas of the world. Accessing that promise by providing support and co-creating self-sufficency is the goal of AccessPromise. We leverage financial support, technical knowledge and the awareness that disabilities do not have to be inherently limiting. We wish to support the promise of a full life that lives within individuals themselves and see what local leaders will emerge.

Capacity Building

AccessPromise acknowledges promise by:

  • supporting independence, education and careers for clients,
  • including clients and community activists into most decisions, and
  • looking for ways that clients can 'pay it forward' in their community.


AccessPromise is small and personal. We focus on building relationships with our contributors, our clients and our remote clients. We enjoy meeting you and maintaining our connections around shared interests.

Email us:

  • with questions or suggestions
  • to arrange a video or phone meeting
  • to request a presentation by our Executive Director, Dr. Janet Sedgley


AccessPromise adheres to the following principles:

  • working through a local community-based partner,
  • supporting businesses in the country,
  • aiming at long-term, sustainable solutions, and
  • working collaboratively.

Our effectiveness

We are a young organization so are not rated with Charity Ratings or GuideStar. However, AccessPromise aims to apply 95% of our funding directly to our remote clients needs. We do that through:

  • Asking all AccessPromise US individuals to be volunteers (with the exception of our Board accountant who receives a small stipend for bookkeeping and accounting work)
  • Affiliating with TesselLearn - the accessible learning company which provides office supplies, minor expenses and staff time
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