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Fall 2022: Donations up to $2000 will be matched 100% by the Executive Director.

COVID changed our focus from clients of Elgon ChildWatch Initiative to a focus on two ECWI involved young adults. Thus our 2022 focus is on supporting:

Current support opportunities include:

  1. College tuition for Nick or Sam
  2. Display case and a scale for Sam's store (which will provide support for Sam's family when he is in school
  3. Support for land and bricks for Sam to build a safe and consistent home
  4. Boda boda costs for Sam (who will rent it to create a consistent income stream)
  5. Future options:
    • Subsistence or support for daily life (a goat, mobility device, glasses, cell phone for texting communication, support for doctor's or OT appointments, etc)
    • Specialized technology support such as a screen reader for the blind, computers, voice input or eye gaze systems)

Your donations can include an opportunity to communicate directly with either the person you support.

Our lower-cost process takes two steps.

Thank you for your patience and persistence.

  1. First fill out the form below to indicate your choices
  2. then go to the link below (#2) to donate

If you require other donation options, please call us at 406-370-4796 (10-6 Eastern time).