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Cate received a trendle sewing machine (electricity is scarce and not reliable) and has opened a tailor business. She included a few deaf friends in the business.


In a subsistence agriculture environment, having small stature can be a disadvantage. Jen reported being so tired from daily physical work and the need to carry all water from a community well. After a visit by an occupational therapist, who suggested she open a small store, she was given funds to start the store. She reports being very pleased with this way of supporting herself and developing independence.


Daniel is a 16-year old boy with little muscle tone in his extremeties and no ability to walk. He lives with his grandmother and has had no schooling. AccessPromise, in conjunction with Elgon Child Watch Initiative - Uganda, has provided him a goat to help develop the family's stability. Because of the attention he was receiving from ECWI-UG he also received a wheelchair.